Meals for the nursery, pre-school and primary school are prepared by an external catering company (Wawa-catering). Breakfast, two-course lunch and snack  are served in the nursery and pre-school.
In primary school there is two-course lunch and a fruit.

Opening hours 

The nursery and pre-school are open from 7.30 to 18. 30 during the calendar year.
Primary school is open from 8 am until 16h for monolingual French classes and from 7.45 am to 18.30 for the trilingual classes.
The after school service from 16h to 18h30 (not included in the tuition) is open to monolingual classes (French).
The nursery and pre-school are open throughout the calendar year with the exception of public holidays and national holidays. During the period of July 1 to August 31, the classes take place either at school in the street Nobla 16 at school Three Languages in the street Karowa 14/16.
The school is open from 01st September to 30th  June during the short holidays and organizes the festive holiday school extracurricular activities (free of charge).

Here you can download the school year calendar for: nurseryprimary school – trilingual and french class.


Nursery and preschool (download table of fees)

Primary school (download table of fees)