My name is Julie, I come from the south of France and I am a certified teacher of preschool education. Since childhood I wanted to be a teacher, perhaps because I don’t have brothers and sisters. I gained my experience over the past few years on internships and through work in various educational institutions in France. During my work I learnt about classical system of teaching and Montessori pedagogy where I search for elements to organize my classes.


My name is Jan. I have been working with children and young people since I remember. I gained my teaching experience in many places- schools, individual work with host families and immigrant families. I have been working with pre-school children for the last two years. Over the last 10 years I have gained a lot of intercultural awareness and skills of educational activities. It is very important to me that children love to be at school. In all my educational activities I try to create opportunities for children to sustainable development and exploration, while respecting their individual abilities and interests.


My name is Romy. I am a teacher and educational therapist. I have been working at Saint-Exupery for several years. I have lived in France for 20 years, so the culture and language of this country are very close to me. The thought of Confucius directs my work “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I will remember. Let me do and I will understand.” Working on projects lets the children become “actors”, awakens creativity, choice and decision making. It is decision making that makes the child responsible, aware of the goals he or she pursues. During my free time I play golf, I love walking in the mountains and reading books.


My name Nassima and I am originally from Algeria. After high school, I studied at the Algiers Health Institute where I obtained my masters in anesthesia. However during my studies I conducted various courses in schools, kindergartens and recreation centers. These first contacts immediately oriented me  into teaching and working with children. So I started to teach French as a foreign language, to give private lessons to adults and teenagers preparing for DELF. At Saint-Exupery school I have been working for 15 years and I taught in different classes. I like to pass on knowledge to children and especially I enjoy the dynamic of exchange and contact. Children  bring me lots of love and joy.


My name is Anna. I am a teacher of primary school and French. I finished my studies at Warsaw University in the Department of Early Education and Rehabilitation, the French Philology and the College of Teachers of French at the Catholic University of Lublin. I work as a teacher for 15 years. I love teaching, playing and spending time with children. In my work, I use elements of theater, games, singing and humor. I have experience in working with children in preschool and school age. I love all sports: bike tours, volleyball, badminton and … a good movie.



I am Kristen and I grew up on a small farm in central Texas. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in English. I have been taking care of kids for as long as I can remember. As an older sister, babysitter, a tutor and a daycare employee, I have had a variety of experience with children from infants to intermediate level students. Working with kids is always such a joy. Imaginative, curious, and forever providing a new way to look at the world are just a few of the many qualities that kids have and these are just a few of the things that make child care the most rewarding job I’ve had. Additionally I love reading, music, theater, art, Legos, cooking, family, friends, coffee and adventures. 



My name is Yomeshka. I graduated from the University of Johannesburg with qualifications in Hospitality Management. In conjunction with valuable experience gained with multinational and multilingual individuals within and outside the Hospitality industry I offer an integrated approach in teaching individuals of all levels and ages. To gain further knowledge in teaching, I attended a course for an ESL training programme and received a certificate in this regard. My experience in teaching English goes back around ten years ago where I trained non-native English speakers within the Hospitality industry. For the past three years I have focused on ESL learners, gaining some experience in South Africa, China and Moscow. My main focus in the past three years has been on very young learners and young learners.My teaching style varies during lessons using appropriate games which I integrate into the lessons making it fun and interactive. To date I have established great rapport with my students as well as their parents. My experience thus far has been an extremely rewarding one knowing that my students not only take home learning English and enjoying it but also valuable life lessons learnt. It is quite an achievement for me knowing that I am teaching the next generation. My love for teaching and working with children and people grows every day. I am known to be a friendly and an approachable individual with an excellent relationship with children as a result I am able to get their attention during lessons.I am a firm believer that commitment, trust and open communication are very important factors in any environment. Being able to adapt quickly and positively to challenging situations whilst remaining calm, focused and positive but also flexible are some of my traits.