My name is Kasia. I started working with children  in 2009. I graduated from the department of  pedagogy  and education. Since October I have been  studying at Warsaw University majoring in preschool education and early childhood. Over the past six years I gained experience working with the youngest in two English-speaking kindergartens in Warsaw.bWorking with children gives me great satisfaction and allows me to participate in education, science, fun, getting to know the world. It is important for me that children feel comfortable in the school. I try to ensure that the children in my group can fully live their childhood and where every day they can discover their great development opportunities.



My name is Julia. I am currently studing at the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw. I am about to finish the specialization of primary and pre-school education. I can easily say that my work with children began 10 years ago as a babysitter. I learnt to work with the group, and also a group of children  as a member of the Przymierze Rodzin (Families Congregation). Working with children gives me a lot of satisfaction. I like French language. In my spare time I like roller skating or cycling. In addition, I am dependent on travelling on short and long distances.



My name is Yomeshka. I graduated from the University of Johannesburg with qualifications in Hospitality Management. In conjunction with valuable experience gained with multinational and multilingual individuals within and outside the Hospitality industry I offer an integrated approach in teaching individuals of all levels and ages. To gain further knowledge in teaching, I attended a course for an ESL training programme and received a certificate in this regard. My experience in teaching English goes back around ten years ago where I trained non-native English speakers within the Hospitality industry. For the past three years I have focused on ESL learners, gaining some experience in South Africa, China and Moscow. My main focus in the past three years has been on very young learners and young learners. My teaching style varies during lessons using appropriate games which I integrate into the lessons making it fun and interactive.To date I have established great rapport with my students as well as their parents. My experience thus far has been an extremely rewarding one knowing that my students not only take home learning English and enjoying it but also valuable life lessons learnt. It is quite an achievement for me knowing that I am teaching the next generation. My love for teaching and working with children and people grows every day. I am known to be a friendly and an approachable individual with an excellent relationship with children as a result I am able to get their attention during lessons. I am a firm believer that commitment, trust and open communication are very important factors in any environment. Being able to adapt quickly and positively to challenging situations whilst remaining calm, focused and positive but also flexible are some of my traits.



I am Kristen and I grew up on a small farm in central Texas. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in English. I have been taking care of kids for as long as I can remember. As an older sister, babysitter, a tutor and a daycare employee, I have had a variety of experience with children from infants to intermediate level students. Working with kids is always such a joy. Imaginative, curious, and forever providing a new way to look at the world are just a few of the many qualities that kids have and these are just a few of the things that make child care the most rewarding job I’ve had. Additionally I love reading, music, theater, art, Legos, cooking, family, friends, coffee and adventures.



My name is Isabelle, I come from Canada.I graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal. From birth I was raised as a bilingual child in English and in French. Since 2014 I taught English and French to children in diverse language schools including Empik school. The biggest reward I receive at work is to observe how children learn and develop. In my  free time I pursue my culinary talents.



After finishing Sport University in Lille, I was involved a lot in social volunteering in France and Italy while working in sports for children and adolescents as an animator and director.Then I went to Sweden as an au pair to work for French family. After this I started working for a trilingual school for children aged 1 to 6 years and I was in charge of a group as a French speaker for the English section, responsible for motor skills. During these four years I have had pedagogical and organizational responsibilities. I also worked for 2 years in a parental nursery while giving French lessons in order to obtain the DELF diploma. I am currently waiting to obtain my diploma as a  Young Child Educator by validation of professional achievements. I arrived in Warsaw in September 2013 to live with my partner. First, I worked for a bilingual school in the group of 2 and 3 years before I commited myself to the trilingual project in Saint Exupéry. “Education is not to force-feed but to feel committed hunger” this quote reflects my state of mind. Children are the future of our society and our world, this is why I am committed in 100% to help the child in his intellectual, social, and cognitive development.