My name is Philip and I come from a small country, Luxembourg. I graduated in pedagogy as a teacher of primary school. I did my studies in Belgium. Spontaneity and humor of the children are the main reasons why I chose the to be a teacher. Since Luxembourg is a small country, we all learn three native languages : French, German and Luxembourgish. Out of these three languages my favorite is French, because for me it is the most melodious. This is the reason why I love to teach it and I have taught in French for a long time. Therefore I am motivated to share my professional experiences with my students every day.



My name is Dominique Jibert. I am French. I was born in the last century and I am a citizen of today. I love to travel and be confronted with the difference while keeping the link with my old and new family. I have taught for over 10 years in French schools abroad. As I like to learn new languages and discover new cultures, I hope to enrich my teaching practice through these teaching. I am convinced that a school that helps students become independent (they know to organize and learn to think for themselves) is a school that has a proper purpose. This can be achieved through a rigorous learning of basic knowledge (mental calculation, conjugation …) along with a project teaching. I enjoy working within a team of teachers with multiple backgrounds.



My name is Joelle Michelet. I have been a school teacher for 14 years. I have taught more than 10 years in France at all levels from elementary school including special education. I am in Poland since January 2012 and I teach at the school of Saint Exupery. I know bilingualism and its mechanisms because I come from a Franco-German family.



My name is Chantal I was born in 1955.I studied at the IUFM of Livry-Gargan. I have taught over twenty years in the French national education as a school teacher in the 93 problem neighborhoods, then in a specialized school where I had the privilege of working with experienced people, then as a director in my little village. I quickly realized that teaching is not a “job” but a passion that occupies my days. I like to pass on what others have taught me. When I am not working in a school, I lead a workshop on Sigillography (seals and knights of the Middle Ages) in the town of Soissons, my “public” is very diverse: children aged 11 and 12, teens, history students or adult history enthusiasts. I appreciate manual work, fretwork, French literature, theater, storytelling and travel. I chose Poland for its history and its desire to live free at any price.



My name is  Anna. I graduated from  the Department of Arts and I have worked at the school for several years. My main passions are literature and art. By teaching the Polish, I try to convey my passion for this language to my students. At work the most important for me is the contact with students and their motivation to come to my classes. I love spending time with them and organizing activities outside of the school to enable children to become true fans of art.



My name is Anna. I am a teacher of primary school and French. I finished my studies at Warsaw University in the Department of Early Education and Rehabilitation, the French Philology and the College of Teachers of French at the Catholic University of Lublin. I work as a teacher for 15 years. I love teaching, playing and spending time with children. In my work, I use elements of theater, games, singing and humor. I have experience in working with children in preschool and school age. I love all sports: bike tours, volleyball, badminton and … a good movie.



My name is Gabriel. Having graduated in Literature at the University of Warsaw, I took the road to France and continued the education by making two postgraduate degrees at the University of Nancy II. Canada invited me to come to Quebec, where I worked as a translator and taught French to foreigners. As Poland became a free country, I decided to return home and since then  I teach at the French School of Warsaw. My passion ? Translations.



My name is Alicja. I am the teacher of mathematics and computer science. I am interested in human universal education. I have experience in organizing workshops for teenagers and adults. I support children in their development of critical thinking, classification capacity, thought based on cause and effect and forecasting. I find it fascinating. I teach my students how to describe the world with the language of mathematics and how to receive and classify information received. I am fascinated by new technology and online education. I always develop my teaching skills for children to feel fun to learn math and be very creative in their mathematical activity.



My name is Elżbieta. I am a certified teacher of French. I graduated from the  French Language Program at the University of Warsaw as well as from the Academy of Pedagogy majoring in Music Education, Physical expression and Dance. I have worked as a teacher at the Ecole Antoine de Saint-Exupery for the last 20 years. In education, the most important for me is the creativity of the teacher and the student. Thanks to new ideas and a creative approach, learning is exciting and remains an unforgettable experience for the student. As artistic director, I have the ability to create and coordinate artistic and cultural events (the results of which effects) one can see at various shows, competitions and festivals where our students participate enthusiastically. I started working in the nursery which began to function in our school from January 2015. I intend to create there a small puppet theater to engage toddlers to play with words, songs and dancing games.



I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw and I am during my post-graduate studies at the Academy of Special Education at the oligophrenopedagogy department. During the five years of study I have acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge in physical education, which I use when working with children in both preschool and school. For several years I have had the opportunity to work as a teacher – instructor at summer camps and winter sports organized for preschool children as well as a coach at a football school for children with and without disabilities. The experience gained in all classes shaped me as a teacher and coach. Development of physical fitness of children and youth and their implementation to physical culture is a big challenge for me. This is the task that I undertake which every day with great enthusiasm.



I graduated from the Agricultural University in 1976, earning an master’s degree in agriculture. In 2005 at the same university I finished postgraduate studies in biology, environmental protection, hygiene and postgraduate studies in nature. I have a garden outside Warsaw, where I spend every free moment. Dogs and cats have their kingdom there and my miniature rabbit has its own in Warsaw. My garden is often visited by wild animals.