My name is Alessandra. I am from Harvard, Massachusetts, a small scenic farming town. I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in Elementary and General Special Education and am licensed by both the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I recently completed my first year of teaching as a full-day kindergarten teacher in Newport, New Hampshire. I have worked in the field of education for as long as I can remember! As a young teenager, I worked at an art studio for children and helped teach classes and assist the budding artists. Later, I spent my summers teaching at a school for students with moderate to severe special needs. Teaching is my passion. What other career allows you to sing, dance, be creative, and educate young learners through hands-on experiences? There is never a dull moment in education, and children have a natural curiosity for the world around them that I find contagious. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy reading, laughing, crafting, spending time outside, and traveling. When I was a junior in college, I studied in Florence, Italy for a semester, and ever since then, fell in love with Europe, the adventure of travelling, and learning about different cultures through new friends along the way! I am both grateful and ecstatic to begin this new adventure in International Trilingual School of Warsaw.



My name is Caleigh and I come from the town of Benicia, a suburb of San Francisco, California. I graduated from California State University, Chico majoring in Liberal Studies and received my teaching certificate through Mills College in Oakland, California. I lived in several different places in the US, but California has always been my home. I worked for 13 years as a public school teacher in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, and specifically as an English teacher in California, Kansas, and Oklahoma. I have also taught English to preschool and primary school aged children in a private English academy near Seoul, South Korea.  Teaching is part of my DNA. My parents were also teachers. I love the interaction with students and my favorite moment is that “light bulb” magic moment when the student begins to understand a new concept. When I’m not teaching, I like to cook, to travel and to share new adventures with friends. I am very excited to work for the International Trilingual School of Warsaw and Ecole Antoine de Saint-Exupery as Director, Curriculum Coordinator and Developer and teacher for the primary school.  I enjoy living in Warsaw and exploring the area and I look forward to continuing to teach children and learn from the children at our school.



My name is Raquel. I began working in the pre-school in 2013. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I have a large family consisting of seven siblings, my mother and a stepfather, who shaped me to be the person I am today. I am married to my husband, who is from here in Warsaw, since 2011 and we have a daughter. I began working with children from the very young age. I took care of my nieces and nephews almost everyday after school and during weekends. I enjoyed caring for them so much that I went into child care job. I started to work for other people’s children, ages four to seven, as a private tutor for computer and English lessons. Fortunately, I found an opportunity to work in Hong Kong as a nanny and private tutor at the same time. During my time there, in nearly six years, my knowledge and experience in child caring grown more and I realized how much life enrichening this field could be. Being able to teach children things they will use in their whole lives is very rewarding. I worked for Chinese, American and Australian families until I got married and moved here in Warsaw. I enjoy the one-in-one interaction with the children and it really amazes me how much children can learn from playing and interacting with other children. Children are always eager to learn new challenges and I love seeing their individual development grow and blossom into unique personalities.I am excited to be part of the school team as it is one large family with everyone having the same love for the children and I’m looking forward to build many positive memories.”



My name is Coraline. I graduated as a teacher in July 2009. I did my first four years in Kindergarten, St. Therese School in Saint Laurent Nouan in the Loir-et-Cher. In September 2013, I sterted working in  Notre – Dame de Vendôme school  in CE1-CE2. During these six years of teaching, I was also trained with first aid and  attended a training on conflict management “Relationships in  education” which allows to search together for solutions to better manage existing conflicts between students or others in the school. Finally I made the “mini job” during the past year to better adapt my teaching to students and enable them to become more independent and participate more actively in learning.



My name is Iwona. I graduated with Master of Pedagogy of Pedagogical Therapy entitling me to work with children, both in kindergarten and at school (grades I to III). My professional career started in Saint-Exupery 16 years ago. Through so many years I had the opportunity to work with children of all age groups. This long experience has taught me that the most effective way to learn and reach every child is through play. Therefore, during my work with children I use a lot of play with educational games, dance, music therapy, physical activities, and art classes. All of these methods develop children’s creativity, build their confidence and self-confidence, and most importantly teach them group cooperation. Working with with children, their smiles and joy on his face give me great satisfaction and professional fulfillment. Each child is an individual human being and it is important for me to have the individual approach to the child, which is why it is necessary to use methods adapted to  the needs of a particular child. In my work I do not like monotony. I like to play with children in fun movement combined with music. Children give me a lot of joy. My main motto is “During childhood not much depends on the children, most depends on those who surround them.” In my spare time I love theater, music, dance,  a good book and traveling. “If a child can not learn the way we teach him or her, we should teach him or her  the way in which he/she  will learn.”



My name is Agnieszka, I grew up in a forest house on the border between the regions of Mazowsze and Świętokrzyskie and I love nature. As a little girl I could explore the world around me as much as I wanted. My experience has taught me that most children learn when they have the opportunity to explore. This leads to creativity. My adventure with the kids started early. When I was 9, I always played with the neighbors’ children. Once I had to decide on the choice of university I knew immediately that I wanted to work at the school. I am a graduate teacher of primary and preschool education and education management. I have experience in working with children of preschool and school age. I also organize a Sunday school for youth. Theater is my passion. With friends, we present performances in elderly  residences, oncology hospitals or simply organizing street theater. My joy and privilege is to teach the younger generation.



My name is Olga. I graduated from Special Pedagogics Academy and Warsaw University. My qualifications cover general, pre-school and early years school pedagogics. After graduation I started working in the primary school as first grade teacher and after school activities organizer. However, my teaching experience goes back to my university years where I worked in a nursery and workshops organized by Warsaw Family Help Center. I try to develop my skills and qualifications through different training and courses.
In my work with young people I love to observe and participate in their development. I feel great satisfaction when I see how they overcome obstacles on their educational path. It is very inspiring for me to see how children become independent and use the knowledge, they had acquired, in their daily life.
In my free time I like reading and going to the cinema and theater.



My name is Antonio. I was born in Málaga, Spain. I graduated from the department of Early Childhood Education and Music at the University of Málaga, Spain. I also have a Masters Degree in Psychology. I specialized in helping homeless children with behavioral problems. I have been working in the Education since I graduated in 2005. I enjoy and love to work with kids because, in my opinion, every child has their own unique characteristics and therefore require constant learning. I love animals, music, reading and experiencing different cultures. I’m happy to live and work in Warsaw International Trilingual Pre-School.



My name is Irene, I come from Spain. I studied Primary Education at the University of Málaga in Spain with specialization in the development and educational intervention in the kindergarten and primary, as well as the research and innovation in classroom teaching in the University Camilo José Cela (Madrid) Spain. I have worked in different schools and in the field with students with special educational needs. I have always worked with children. I love to see how they learn and check how I can guide them to achieve the maximum development of their personal capacities. I love animals, travelling and movies. Working in the International Trilingual School of Warsaw is an innovative educational oppotunity that lets me learn along with the kids.




My name is Alicja. I am the teacher of mathematics and computer science. I am interested in human universal education. I have experience in organizing workshops for teenagers and adults. I support children in their development of critical thinking, classification capacity, thought based on cause and effect and forecasting. I find it fascinating. I teach my students how to describe the world with the language of mathematics and how to receive and classify information received. I am fascinated by new technology and online education. I always develop my teaching skills for children to feel fun to learn math and be very creative in their mathematical activity.



My name is Elizabeth. I am a teacher of French language and music. I graduated from the department of French studies at Warsaw University and the department of education of music and motor skills at the Academy of Special Education. I have been working for over 20 years in “Ecole Antoine de Saint-Exupery”. In teaching children the most important thing for me is the creativity of both teacher and students. With new ideas and  creative approach learning becomes a passion and an unforgettable experience. Since January 2015 I started working with nursery groups. I created puppet shows including the smallest children in a word of fun, music and movement.



I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw and I am during my post-graduate studies at the Academy of Special Education at the oligophrenopedagogy department. During the five years of study I have acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge in physical education, which I use when working with children in both preschool and school. For several years I have had the opportunity to work as a teacher – instructor at summer camps and winter sports organized for preschool children as well as a coach at a football school for children with and without disabilities. The experience gained in all classes shaped me as a teacher and coach. Development of physical fitness of children and youth and their implementation to physical culture is a big challenge for me. This is the task that I undertake which every day with great enthusiasm.



My name is Samuel. I graduated as a sports teacher. I arrived in Poland as part of exchange of Erasmus and stayed to work. I speak four languages: English, Spanish, Catalan and Polish. I have lived in Poland for three years. I love sports and I find it very important in the education of children. This is why I have been teaching children various sport disciplines since I was 16 years old.



My name is Anisley Planas González.  I am originally from La Habana, Cuba. I graduated from High Institute of Art in Cuba, with a degree in Art with two specializations, Ballet and Character Dance. I have been working with Pre-school Education since I graduated in 2007. I have also taught in the University of Arts. I speak English and French as a third language. I enjoy and love to work with kids; they provide the most genuine love. I believe it is a profession that requires patience, pedagogic and love.